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About Us

My name is Jess and I am a loving and devoted owner of two house rabbits, Missy and Marley. Over the years of owning my own rabbits I started to learn their behaviours and mannerisms, and understood what rabbits need in their lives in order for them to feel happy and content. I also done a course in rabbit care and welfare in order to learn more about them. I have such a passion for animals and have always wanted to work with them, which is why I decided to start Cottontail Hotel.

Our Aim-

Our aim here at Cottontail Hotel is to re-assure owners that it will be a home-from-home for your pets, and that we will try our absolute best to allow your pet to have the same routine as they would at home. This way your pet would feel more comfortable and happy. We also promise to put your pets first and that they are our first priority when staying with us. As we are members of the RWAF (Rabbit Welfare & Association Fund) we take rabbits and other animals welfare very seriously. 

We also understand that it may be a difficult time for the owners, leaving your pets whilst you go away, which is why we re-assure you with texts and photos regularly during the time you are gone to allow you to see what they are up to, this way you will be at ease. You should also be re-assured that we are only a phone call away if you need to speak to us whilst you're away if you have any questions or enquiries. 

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